Authorized Documentary Freely Available on YouTube!

by Oct 12, 2022KJV3 comments

The Authorized infotainment documentary (emphasis on the -tainment, though I hope the info is good!) is now up on YouTube for free to everyone! This is kinda big! For some time it has been behind a paywall on FaithlifeTV. This project was one of the great privileges of my life, including getting to interview my hero John McWhorter in New York City in the basement of some random building (that’s Columbia University, where he teaches, in the background).
I’d really like to see this video reach a larger audience than it did behind the paywall. I made it to be about the most accessible, gentle critique of KJV-Onlyism available—and one that focuses on making a positive, constructive replacement for KJV-Onlyism. You can’t just critique bad ideas (though I had tons of fun doing that, especially with the “KJV-is-at-fifth-grade-reading-level” idea); you have to replace them with good ones. I tried to do that.
A small note I may have made before: I’d really like to see a KJV-Only leader acknowledge that, though he disagrees with my overall point, my arguments against the fifth-grade-reading-level meme persuaded him and he will stop using them. I’m praying for this to happen.

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Great Quote from Timothy George

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  1. David McKay

    Great news Mark

  2. Dave McPherson

    Good job, Mark! It was informing & entertaining. Thank you for your gracious spirit about this and I appreciate the ending about “taking it too far”. My only criticism is at the 37 minute mark where you may refer to the Emperor’s clothes— that was a bit too fuzzy and distracting, in my opinion.

  3. Clyde (Duran) Bailiff

    Wow, Brother, I loved this well made video! As a person who was a KJV (and at times Onlylist) for 57 years. I fully understand your journey out of this error. I have well over a dozen English Bible translations, and love the diligent work that went into the attempt to perfect this labor of love. I have enjoyed so many of your videos that it seems that I know you. It’s a dream to attend the Bible college where you and James White teach, and I hope to one day earn a Master’s there. God bless you and yours, and by all means, please keep helping others to appreciate and know God’s Holy Word! Congressional Relations, and Senatorial Salutations from East Tennessee!