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Timothy George in his Galatians commentary in the NAC:

The fact that this word [Abba] is given here [in Gal 4:6], and also in Rom 8:15, in both Aramaic and Greek indicates the bilingual character of early Christian worship. Throughout the history of the church various Christian groups have attempted to canonize one particular language as the authorized sacred tongue of religious discourse. Some Orthodox Christians have done that with Greek, traditional Roman Catholics with Latin, and certain Protestants with the English of the King James Version. However, the fact that in Jesus Christ there is no longer Jew or Gentile does not mean that we must stop speaking Hebrew/Aramaic or Greek. The Spirit who cries out “Abba, Father” from our hearts enabled the gospel to be heard in many of the world’s languages on the Day of Pentecost. The same Holy Spirit still blesses the translation of the Scriptures into the many diverse languages and dialects of the world today.

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Did Evangelical Snowflakes Censor the Bible?

Did Evangelical Snowflakes Censor the Bible? recently published an interview with sociologist Samuel L. Perry titled, “When Evangelical Snowflakes Censor the Bible: The English Standard Version Goes PC.” And I got a reply to all this: Nuh-uh! Let me elaborate that answer, however, because “nuh-uh”...

THE INCREDI-NASB!!!! More Literal than a Speeding ESV!!!

THE INCREDI-NASB!!!! More Literal than a Speeding ESV!!!

In my other life, I am the editor of Faithlife’s Bible Study Magazine, and one of my first acts as editor was to give myself a column: “Word Nerd: Language and the Bible.” They said I could. I also turn all the columns—plus a few that aren’t in print—into YouTube...

Review: The Inclusive Language Debate by D.A. Carson

Review: The Inclusive Language Debate by D.A. Carson

The Inclusive Language Debate: A Plea for Realism, by D.A. Carson (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1998). Don Carson's prose is elegant, and his pace is perfect. He briskly moves the reader through a narrative of the conflict among evangelical Christians over so-called...

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  1. Omar Schrock

    Ah, this is good! Thanks!

  2. Dr. Priscilla Turner

    Here’s an interesting point that first struck me decades ago. Hebraists have sought in vain for any clear sign of systematic rhyme or metre in Hebrew poetry. Even wordplay such as we find in Is..5 is extremely rare. Poetry differs from prose basically by virtue of the parallelism. This is fully translatable into any known language without any manipulation of the sense.

  3. Ryan Martin

    Also Maranatha in 1 Cor 16:22

  4. dcsj

    Outstanding commentary! (Even though I argue with him. A Lot.)

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3


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