7 thoughts on “Lo, It Cometh”

  1. I got my email notification as well. I have to admit that I’ve lost most of my excitement for it. I feel content after reading the ESV Reader’s Bible (6-volume set) these last few months.

  2. I’m afraid I have to admit that I feel the same. My six-volume ESV set is sitting on my desk right now. But I kept my order in for Bibliotheca out of loyalty to the person that got this current wave of interest started.

  3. I received mine today, even though the right address was on the label, but FedEx delivered it to another address in my sub. The neighbor was nice enough to redeliver it for me.

    I ordered the full Bible set, but was a bit disconcerted to find them labeled Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, and Vol 5. Because I didn’t get the Apocrypha, which is not part of the canon of Scripture, but apparently Bibliotheca thinks it is, it would have been labeled Vol 4, so it seems I have an incomplete set. I didn’t like that.

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