Denying What Anyone Can See

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Here’s what strikes me about this oft-shared-on-my-timeline video: Christians (and creationists in particular) have been roundly criticized by scientific naturalism for denying “what anyone can see with their two eyes,” for denying the “clear evidence” against the faith and for macro-evolution. What this video illustrates is that everyone relativizes the evidence we experience to an authoritative standard to which we don’t have empirical access. These young people are clearly not dummies; they know just what their moral standard is and what it dictates, and they obey flawlessly. They laugh a little nervously about it, but they know their job is to stand up and proclaim the “obvious truth”: we have always been at war with Eastasia. And this is why Postman was right when he said that Huxley’s Brave New World gave the better prophecy for the future than did Orwell’s 1984: it wasn’t a totalitarian regime inflicting pain that forced these bright young bearers of God’s image to deny the evidence of their two eyes. They have been brought to heel by a regime that, instead, inflicts pleasure.

I have compassion on these college kids. I’m not angry at them. And Christ knows just what to do with the blind.

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