BibleWorks, BDAG, and HALOT Deal

by Feb 6, 2015Bible Software

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BibleWorks is still my go-to Bible software for some of my most important exegetical tasks:

  • Searching multiple translations at once
  • Comparing multiple translations of one verse at once
  • Taking notes

I have a friend who is selling BibleWorks along with some excellent resources for a good price. For $500, you’d get:

  • BibleWorks 9 ($359)
  • Metzger ($20)
  • BDAG and HALOT ($212)
  • ESV Study Bible ($20)
  • Mac Native Key ($6)

You need not have a Mac, of course, to run this—but if you do, you can run it natively in OS X. That’s what I do.

A few more notes:

  • BDAG is the standard Greek lexicon. You need it in your standard Bible software, and BibleWorks makes it super easy to use.
  • HALOT is the standard Hebrew lexicon. You need it in your standard Bible software, and BibleWorks makes it super easy to use.
  • The ESV Study Bible is, out of all the Bibles I’ve ever had, definitely the biggest. I actually do use it–as a quick-reference commentary, basically.
  • Metzger’s Textual Commentary is a valuable tool for textual criticism. I consult it when I want a brief prose-narrative summary of what the apparatus in the UBS or Nestle-Aland is saying.

For $500, essentially you’re getting BibleWorks for the normal price ($359) but getting some standard tools for a marked down price of $141. I have literally never seen BDAG and HALOT for a marked down price—I once spent $125 for just BDAG.

Please contact me right away if this appeals to you. $500 is a chunk of money, but I believe that no serious student of the original languages should be without good Bible software. And I have relied on BibleWorks heavily for over ten years. I commend it to you. This is the best price you’ll get for BibleWorks and these resources.

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