What Makes a Word “Real”?

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This video is fantastic.

I love the moment when she asks, “Who regularly refers to a dictionary either in print or online?” Almost every hand in the audience goes up. Then she asks, “Who has ever looked to find out the editor of a dictionary?” A lot fewer hands. Mine definitely went up. I’ve even blogged about usage panels.

And I still say, like, again, that working to “get” the English language and to understand language change will save you from a lot of silly mistakes in your Bible interpretation. Because Greek changed just like English; it was spoken by the equivalents of newscasters and busboys, heads of state and tails of state—just like English. If you “get” English, that should help you “get” Greek and Hebrew.

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  1. David Lowry

    I’m getting an error for that version of the video. Here’s the YouTube one:

  2. mlward

    Thanks, Dave! Enjoy, everybody! This woman is an expert popularizer; she knows her stuff and found rhetorically winsome and engaging ways to present it to an educated audience that is nonetheless unacquainted with the work of a usage panel. A lot of people in that audience, if my experience serves me, would have objected to her ideas if presented in a less engaging way. People just won’t grab on to the basic ideas of language change. They resist them tooth and nail!

    I still want to get onto the AHD Usage Panel… I envy her.

  3. Bill Lowry

    Hey, I’ll put in a good word for you, Bro, so you can get panelized!



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