Best Ting Deal I’ve Seen

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unnamedTing is offering it’s best deal ever—I know, because I’ve had Ting from its earliest days. Get $100 credit on a phone or $100 off service by clicking this referral link—and I get $50 of service credit.

Plus, Ting has the best website and the best customer service with real people who speak English. Like American English.

Our Ting bill for two iPhones, both purchased used for under $200, has averaged $54.01 over almost two years. (And with a little more self-discipline we could’ve dropped that number lower.) That doesn’t include the $25 credits I’ve received for referring Ting to others on occasion.

This means you could get an iPhone 4S for thirty bucks and start saving immediately over Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile. Consumer reports says small carriers like Ting are the way to go.


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