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I sometimes wonder: if “attractional” churches which use a genre of music called “bone-shaking” had their way, would the kind of music below just disappear? That would be very, very sad.

The composer of that piece, Paul Mealor, wrote one of the beautiful pieces played at the last major royal English wedding. There is something particularly God-like about pushing the bounds of a genre—even and especially the “classical” genre—to greater and greater heights of beauty and creativity.

Then again, I’m not sure any composer will ever beat the power of this piece, written before 1683:

Once again I say, British people are just more better than us are.

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  1. Dustin B.

    The Mealor piece is amazing… except for the flat sopranos at 4:04.

  2. Duncan Johnson

    Wow, that first one is great. Thanks for posting. I’ll have to watch the second one when I get a chance later today.

  3. Mark Ward

    You’re right, Dustin. And it seems to me the choir can’t quite keep up the energy in the very last chord. One strong soprano just drops out and comes back in. But other than that, British people are still better.


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