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thI really like Accordance, and I recommend it highly. I didn’t always. I leave it on all the time on both my Macs.

However, I admit to being so accustomed to BibleWorks that I haven’t made as much use of Accordance as I would like. I’ve hit that age.

However, Accordance just bid to get me back with this new feature: services. Now I can insert verses, look them up, and even look up Bible words right from Word with keyboard shortcuts. (Note: you have to have the latest version of Accordance, 10.4.3.)


I admit I must be doing something wrong, because it seems slightly squirrelly right now… But when it works it’s really cool and useful.

Here’s the file you need.

HT: Dustin Battles

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  1. Dustin B.

    1. Any particular reason why you chose a super-old logo of Accordance?

    2. Did you eventually get it working how you want it to? Was it a user error?

    3. Where’d you get the all-caps, lowercase, reformat, and statistics services?

    4. Would you consider writing a blog post about how Accordance is beneficial to your workflow, now that you have finally gotten your act together…er, I mean, are enjoying it more?