Which Bible Software Should I Buy?

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I’ve had a few people ask me what exactly I’m planning to say at the BJU Greek forum this coming Thursday (April 10).

Here’s a quick teaser: I want to describe the five things I actually do with Bible software, day in and day out. Then I will compare how well the three major Bible software platforms—Accordance, BibleWorks, and Logos—help me do those five things.

I own all three of those Bible software platforms, and they can all do a lot. Like a lot. But 99% of the time, I’m not interested in a lot. I’m interested in those five things.

I think you will be, too. So come!

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  1. Igor Mateski

    I’ve used BibleWorks and Logos/Libronix. I love Logos for its research abilities and the rich collection of material (esp. TDNT and WBC). BibleWorks I’ve used for exegesis and it’s invaluable for getting in the greek/hebrew versions of the texts.
    What are the 5 things you talk about here?