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Well-known New York Times religion reporter Laurie Goodstein (with Jodi Kantor) did good homework on this interesting piece about female Mormon missionaries. The authors feed the story through a distinct narrative of their own, but what comes out is still well worth reading.

I was really struck by the videos of young Mormon women proselytizing in South Korea. The most difficult challenge to the exclusivity of the gospel I ever face is definitely not the learned arguments of the evolutionists or the barbs of the crusading atheists; it’s the simple, heartfelt testimony of someone who sounds a lot like me but means something very different by the word “gospel.” It feels arrogant to say I have the truth and she doesn’t. But my conscience stands on Scripture, and I have worked very hard to understand it accurately. I’m confident that if the Bible is God’s Word (and it is), Mormonism is a false gospel despite their professed respect for Scripture. And if I have come to know this, it is only by God’s grace. I have no reason to be arrogant. She wishes her Korean friend could have what she has. I wish she could have what I have: the unmerited, unmeritable grace of God.

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