BibleWorks Seminar Follow-Up

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Many thanks to the guys who came out to my six-hour BibleWorks seminar on Saturday. We all worked hard, and you came out way ahead of where you were when you started. And I discovered that Presbyterians do, in fact, eat donuts.

Here are all my posts on Unicode, as promised.

And here’s my resource page for refresher videos on BibleWorks if you ever need them.


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Come to the Bible Tech Conference

Come to the Bible Tech Conference

I put in three talk proposals for the Bible Tech Conference, thinking that they’d accept one. They accepted all three. So I’ve been busy using precious free time (and, okay, a little work time around the edges!) in the last few months preparing those talks, and I hope...

Bible Software Interview

Church Executive interviewed me and three other people affiliated with Faithlife about Bible software. They asked great questions, I enjoyed responding, and I've enjoyed reading the responses of my coworkers. Check it out.

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