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2013-06-28 09_48_50-The Old ReaderI’ve been using Google Reader since before Al Gore was born, but now that it’s nearing its death (Monday), it’s time to switch. I’ve tried a few alternatives over the past few months, and I’d like to make two recommendations:

2013-06-28 09_53_32-New TabEach is nicely designed, and each makes it easy (though Feedly is easier) to transfer your Google Reader feeds right over to a new system. Feedly has stronger mobile/app options, but The Old Reader has at least one UI feature that I miss in Feedly (an obvious visual indication that you have marked something as unread).

I don’t want to lose you old readers, so I urge both of you to check out these Google Reader replacements today, before Google Reader dies. For what it’s worth, my final choice has been Feedly.

Author: Mark Ward

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2 thoughts on “Google Reader Replacements”

  1. Did you just call me old? 🙂 Feedly is my choice as well, but I went kicking and screaming.

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