New Blog Design; New Mailing Design

by Mar 26, 2013Personal, Tech

  • If you’re an RSS subscriber,check out my new blog design. The crown symbol is meant to represent the ultimate object of our faith, Jesus Christ the King.
  • If you’re an e-mail subscriber, I hope you like the new format. I’m now using a fantastic service called MailChimp. But please let me know if anything seems amiss in the mailings.

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The First Thing I Ever Wrote That I Still Have

This is so random, and I don't know who would care—but I just stumbled across the very first document I saved in what ultimately became my Dropbox/Academics folder. It was an exercise I wrote for an English class in high school. I was 16 and 3 mos. What I find...

Why My Church Has Closed

Why My Church Has Closed

I am an extremely minor public figure, sort of semi-public. Sort of like the Richard Dean Anderson of redheaded Christian YouTubers. The guy you sort of think maybe you’ve heard of, but you can’t place him. So I need to make a small semi-public statement about the...

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