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by Dec 18, 2012Tech

I admit to being somewhat cheap. If I can use an online service for free, I generally do so. I’ve never paid Dropbox a cent (though I’ve come close, and I’ve sent them a lot of customers). But the laborer is worthy of his hire, the Bible says, and there are a few online services that I use so regularly that I have decided to give them back a little something, lest they go away forever. LastPass is one. I’ve also given a little money to WordPress plugin developers, a LightRoom plugin developer, and others whose “donation-ware” has been particularly beneficial for me.

And then there’s Wikipedia. I use that site so much—if it went away or had to change under the influence of government or corporate sponsors I would miss an extremely useful tool unlike any in the history of the world.

I urge you to consider donating to Wikipedia.


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