BibleWorks and Logos Training for Cheap

by Mar 7, 2012Bible Software, Tech


A new little link has crept into my sidebar: BibleWorks Seminars. For $10 (through PayPal), you can view two BibleWorks training seminars:

  • Beginner-Intermediate: weeds through all the many tools to focus on just the ones you will use day-in and day-out.
  • Advanced: goes through pretty much all the other buttons and tools.

My philosophy of Bible software training focuses on going through real-life use-cases, not just going through a laundry-list of features. I also try to show you how I personally customize the program, and I even mention features I think you should avoid (and why). Plus there are some laughs thrown in. Bible software humor is among the most refined brands of humor in existence today.


And beginning today I’m throwing in one more video, my Logos Crash Course. This video is right at an hour, and it’ll get you started with a sensible layout and the creation of a special “information filter” I don’t think any Logos user should go without. Morris Proctor charges $225 for 7 hours of training and a notebook. In 17% of that time, for 4% of the money, you’ll get what you need to know to start using the program profitably for study and sermon prep.

Just $10! Click Here!


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