How to Safely Back Up Your BibleWorks Notes in Seven Simple Steps

How do you back up your precious BibleWorks user notes?

1. Install the excellent, free online back-up service Dropbox (click on this link and you and I both get free space!).

2. Open your notes tab.

3. Click the “Choose Notes Directory” button (see image below).


4. Navigate to your Dropbox folder in the menu that pops up.

5. Click “Make New Folder,” and name it “BibleWorksNotes.”

6. Click “Okay” when BibleWorks asks you if it can shut down your existing note.

7. If you already have notes, move them all from where they were (probably in Program Files (x86)/BibleWorks 9/notes) into the new folder you created inside your Dropbox. (If you have no notes yet, you can skip this step.)

Another tip: Make sure that you know what kind of notes you’re making, chapter notes or verse notes. Check the Notes options in Tools > Options. Here’s what my options look like:


Mark Ward

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