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I’m becoming a big fan of GoodReads. It’s a social network built around one of my major interests—reading—instead of around… around… Oh, bother. What is Facebook built around?! Cute toddler antics, I guess—or at least that’s what my friends are most interested in posting and reading.

So I have a GoodReads-related announcement. I haven’t told the 50% of my blog readership who encounters this blog through Google Reader, but I might as well let him in on it now: I have a new page, supplied by a nice GoodReads plug-in, listing out all the books I’ve read in 2011.

I made this page first of all for myself (and before I had GoodReads), because I found I was having a hard time remembering what I read in a given year and I wanted to have at least brief notes summarizing what I gleaned. But I did it for you two, too, my faithful readers. I started this blog because I wanted to be a challenge and encouragement to a narrow slice of people, just like certain seminary friends have been for me. Perhaps you’ll find some good recommendations on the list. The most significant ones have gotten longer reviews.

Check it out.

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  1. James

    Thanks! I need to start a page there. Does GoodReads also provide the sidebar plug-in of all your book covers?

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    Yes! I should have mentioned that! I think that’s a fun feature! I’m tossing every book I can ever remember reading into that category!

  3. James


    Do you add all your books via “click to rate” or have you used their import feature with some data file containing your library info?

    I’m hoping I can use their iOS app to keep a portable copy of my library catalog. Have you tried that yet?

  4. Mark L Ward Jr

    I imported them from a list of ISBNs. I think I got that originally from Logos, Library Thing, and Google Books’ “My Library” feature. I don’t remember exactly the order!

    The one problem with doing what you propose—a problem I haven’t quite decided what to do with yet—is that all your books have to be either read, to-read, or currently reading. There’s no “own” list, so you lose a good bit of the functionality of the to-read list, effectively. And I’m not sure the app keeps your library in its memory… But it is a nice little app.


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