Are You an Inbox Legalist?

by Apr 28, 2011Personal, Tech4 comments

It’s not legalism; I just feel like I’m a better person when my inbox is cleared.


I feel like a better person about twice a year, I’d say.

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  1. Dave Crooks

    Is my desire to start sending you pointless e-mails on a regular basis evil?

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I want to feel good for a long time!

  2. Daniel

    Calling your bluff, Mark. You boomeranged all your messages to take this screen shot! I see that little yellow box at the top…

  3. Mark L Ward Jr

    I would definitely call it legalism to insist that using Boomerang to clear your inbox doesn’t count.

    In the official IOC rules for Gmail inbox clearing, Boomerang is not included, I admit, but I happen to have a well-placed friend there who inadvertently revealed to me that Boomerang is going to be allowed in the next edition.