Logos Bible Software at Bob Jones University and Seminary

by Feb 11, 2011NTScholarship, Tech

I am the semi-official representative for Logos Bible Software at BJU for two reasons:

  1. I want BJU students training for the ministry to get good advice on what Bible software to purchase* and how to use it.**
  2. Full disclosure: every once in a great while, Logos gives me a book for helping them out. But let me point out that the time I’ve spent on number one is not justified by the amount I’ve gained from number two.

All that said, here’s how things stand right now:

  • BJU students get a 30% discount on Logos products. You have to call Logos and tell them you are a student to get the discount.
  • BJU faculty members get a 50% discount. The same holds for full-time staff working in the area of academics.
  • BJU alumni get a 15% discount. And a friendly smile. At least they say that; it’s hard to tell on the phone.

Here’s how that works out for students and faculty:

Package Price 30% Discount 50% Discount
Platinum $1,689.95 $1,182.97 $844.98
Scholar’s Gold 1379.95 965.97 689.98
Scholar’s Silver 999.95 699.97 499.98
Scholar’s Library 629.95 440.97 314.98
Original Languages 415.95 291.17 207.98
Leader’s Library 324.95 227.47 162.48
Bible Study Library 264.95 185.47 132.48
Christian Home 149.95 104.97 74.98

*BibleWorks and Logos, and perhaps Accordance in special cases.

**Wisely, with full knowledge of what resources you own and the pluses and minuses of technology.

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