Preaching Ruts

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I don’t preach incredibly often. Maybe an average of once or twice a month. But I still find that it’s easy to fall into ruts. I’ve been taught better, but my wheels still tend to press into the mud.

I need help sometimes to see how wide the road is, how many biblical ways there are to accomplish some goals, how rich is the diversity of biblical themes, how many different angles the Bible gives us on God’s glory.

Carson has a helpful article doing just this in the latest Themelios. Like his excellent (highly recommended!) little book, The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God (free PDF here), the article mines the biblical evidence for his theme and shows the various ways the Bible discusses it.

In this case Carson makes application especially to people like me who do most of their preaching to non-Christians. Read it for yourself!

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Great Quote from Timothy George

Great Quote from Timothy George

Timothy George in his Galatians commentary in the NAC: The fact that this word [Abba] is given here [in Gal 4:6], and also in Rom 8:15, in both Aramaic and Greek indicates the bilingual character of early Christian worship. Throughout the history of the church various...

A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

I basically finished my dissertation a decade ago. Paul’s Positive Religious Affections. It’s available on Kindle and print-on-demand just in case anyone wants it. In it I basically argued that Paul is meant to be a model in his affections and not just in his theology...

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