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by Jul 23, 2010Theology2 comments

I have a few readers at BJU Press. I encourage you, especially, to process all four posts in my Bible Integration series. I feel safe doing so because the core levels material is not original with me (though anything extra is not necessarily endorsed by the Press) but with our BI guys! Bible Integration is a Mandate Priority at BJU Press, and no matter what department you’re in, you should have a basic idea of what it means.

Bible Integration is what sets us apart. I’m convinced that whoever those people are above me who make decisions, they made a good one when they made BI one of the pillars of BJU Press. Why else would anyone be involved in Christian education?

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  1. Duncan

    Mark, if you tag all your posts on that topic with a tag like “bible-integration” or something, you could craft a link that would automatically list all of those on one page, and order it by date, viz:


    That way, future posts with the same tag would also show up without you needing to update this post.