Pictures from Israel

by Jul 14, 2010Personal6 comments

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Why My Church Has Closed

Why My Church Has Closed

I am an extremely minor public figure, sort of semi-public. Sort of like the Richard Dean Anderson of redheaded Christian YouTubers. The guy you sort of think maybe you’ve heard of, but you can’t place him. So I need to make a small semi-public statement about the...

Answer a Fool According to His Folly, or Answer Not?

Answer a Fool According to His Folly, or Answer Not?

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A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

I basically finished my dissertation a decade ago. Paul’s Positive Religious Affections. It’s available on Kindle and print-on-demand just in case anyone wants it. In it I basically argued that Paul is meant to be a model in his affections and not just in his theology...

Help Me Help You

Help Me Help You

This blog has shifted over time to reflect the interests of its proprietor. I use it as much as a "weblog"—a journal of my own thoughts, a means of forming those thoughts—as I do anything else. I search my own blog all the time for quotes and illustrations to use in...

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  1. Duncan

    Cool. Thanks.

    Do you have anything from atop the tell at Beth She’an, the ruins from Saul’s time? I’d be interested in seeing any of that you might have.

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    There are some photos taken *from* atop the tel, but there are none *of* the top of the tel. If that’s what you’re asking for I can send them your way!

  3. Nick Mauer

    Very nice pics, Mark. Next time I’m bringing a better camera (Haha…”next” time…we’ll see about that!). Thanks for posting these!

  4. Duncan

    “Of” the top of the tel. That’s what I meant 🙂

    If you have some of those, I’d be interested.

  5. Bill & Gail Yost

    Thanks, Mark–you have some great shots! We’re eager to share the pics we snapped of you (once we get a bit more organized 🙂