Buzz Off!

by Feb 11, 2010Piety, Tech6 comments

No, no, no, NO!

Google Buzz lasted about four hours on my Gmail account. I admit, I don’t mind seeing my friends’ comments on Google Reader items (even though I’m trying to cut down on those, too…), but I simply do not need any more messages clamoring for my attention on the Internet. Maybe you can handle it, but I can’t. No Google Buzz for me, and (almost) no Twitter. They don’t help me do what I want to do. They’re distractions.

Enough is enough. I want to be wise more than I want to be up-to-date. I’m in the process of making some changes that will replace much of my short-form Internet reading time with book time. I spent the morning in bed on a sick day reading a book. A paper one. I fought off most compulsions to check my Internet feeds. It was great. I actually learned a few things I might remember.

Bah humbug!

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  1. Todd

    I knew we were similar.

  2. Todd

    I just can not figure out how to get rid of Buzz.

  3. James

    Mark, you’re more patient than I – I had turned off Buzz within 10 minutes of discovering it.

    Todd, I had a link right under my messages in Gmail for “turn off buzz.”

  4. Dustin Battles

    My favorite part is that you fought off *most* compulsions to check my internet feeds 🙂

  5. Jeremy Patterson

    Does this mean you have conceded to Brian Collins in the digital-paper debate? =)

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      Never! =)

      Ironically, he seems to be more in favor of Buzz than I! But I’ll let him speak on that…