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At Rubén Gómez’s request, here are the answers to all the questions in my BibleWorks Pop Quiz. I included the commands I used. If I’ve overlooked a better command or made some error, I’m happy to hear about it in the comments.

1. Find all ESV occurrences in Paul of words beginning in, but not the word in.

ESV .in?* 209 hits

2. How many Greek OT verses are there with the forms κυριος AND θεος?

l OT BGT .κυριος θεος 840 hits

3. How many Greek OT verses are there with the lemmas κυριος AND θεος?

l OT BGM .κυριος θεος 2437 hits

4. What’s the difference between these two searches? BGM .ιησους and BGT .ιησους.

The first finds all mentions of Jesus, whatever case, and the second finds only the nominative.

5. How many times does the word translated “creation” in Genesis 1:1 appear in the Pentateuch?

l pent (Enter) WTM .ברא fourteen hits

6. ἀγάπη is most common in what book of the Bible, when judged with regard to the book’s size?

BGM .αγαπη –> Stats tab –> %hits in book/words in book. Answer: Philemon

7. How many times does ἀγαπάω appear in the LXX vs. the GNT?
BLM .αγαπαω 283 hits
GNM .αγαπαω 143 hits

8. ἀγάπη is in how many Louw and Nida semantic domains?

Resources –> Lexicons –> Louw + Nida –> αγαπη. Answer: Two.

9. How many ESV occurrences are there of words beginning inter or enter?

ESV /inter?* enter?* 275 hits

10. How many GNT verses are there with ὐπερ alone vs. ὐπερ as a prefix?

GNM .υπερ !υπερ?*

This quiz took me about four minutes to complete—including typing out the answers but not including blog post formatting!

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