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Want to keep your BibleWorks skills sharp? I formulated the following pop-quiz questions for my BibleWorks seminar a few weeks ago:

  1. Find all ESV occurrences in Paul of words beginning in, but not the word in.
  2. How many Greek OT verses are there with the forms κυριος AND θεος?
  3. How many Greek OT verses are there with the lemmas κυριος AND θεος?
  4. What’s the difference between these two searches? BGM .ιησους and BGT .ιησους
  5. How many times does the word translated “creation” in Genesis 1:1 appear in the Pentateuch?
  6. ἀγάπη is most common in what book of the Bible, when judged with regard to the book’s size?
  7. How many times does ἀγαπάω appear in the LXX vs. the GNT?
  8. ἀγάπη is in how many Louw and Nida semantic domains?
  9. How many ESV occurrences are there of words beginning inter or enter?
  10. How many GNT verses are there with ὐπερ alone vs. ὐπερ as a prefix?

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THE INCREDI-NASB!!!! More Literal than a Speeding ESV!!!

THE INCREDI-NASB!!!! More Literal than a Speeding ESV!!!

In my other life, I am the editor of Faithlife’s Bible Study Magazine, and one of my first acts as editor was to give myself a column: “Word Nerd: Language and the Bible.” They said I could. I also turn all the columns—plus a few that aren’t in print—into YouTube...

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  1. Jim Darlack

    Consider yourself blogged. 🙂

  2. Rubén Gómez

    Thanks for your post. I have tried to get others involved in the pop quiz (see this post: From Shootout to Pop Quiz.

    It would be great if you could share the quiz results so that they can be compared with those from other Bible programs. Just an idea.

  3. Stephen King

    Hi Mark, was you seminar recorded (video or audio)? I would have loved to attend but it is a little far to come 🙂

    If so, how can I get a copy.
    If not, have you ever considered recording something or do you know of a good resource. I have BW 8 and enjoy using it but am quite certain that I am not getting everything out of it that I could be.


    • Mark L Ward Jr

      Sorry, Stephen, no recording! I thought about it, but decided it would just be a bit too difficult… Honestly, the way I learned the program was going carefully through the training videos BW itself provides! I think I can provide a bit better service in my lectures by giving people tips on which information is most valuable and how to choose among various options the program presents, but as for basic day-to-day skills the BW videos will be fine.

      One strong suggestion: disable chapter notes and use verse notes; auto-load notes for each verse. That’s all in the options. That way every time you call up John 3:16 all your notes for that passage appear right there.

      May the Lord bless your work in Germany! My wife and I would love to go back there. We were deeply impressed by that country.


  4. Shane Waters

    Do you run your Bibleworks on a mac? If so, does it run well? I am about to go to a mac & have used Bibleworks for about 7 yrs & don’t want to lose it. I was told that parallels make it run seamlessly. Thanks for any helpful advice on this. Thanks for the quiz.

  5. Mark L Ward Jr

    I run BibleWorks in Windows on my iMac via Parallels. It runs well, though a few things seem a little slower than necessary.

    If you need a Mac for other reasons, go for it. If money is no object, go for it. But to run BibleWorks on the Mac you’ll need to buy Parallels (or VMWare Fusion) at about $60 and Windows at about $150 (?). Running Windows on the Mac works great for me, but it is a bit of a hassle. It may depend on how techie you are.