BibleWorks Seminars!

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You’re invited to a Greenville, S.C., area BibleWorks Seminar at Heritage Bible Church, Saturday, November 7. There are two seminars:

Beginner to Intermediate (9 am to 12 pm)

Go from ground zero to knowing everything you need to know for daily BibleWorks use in just three hours. Special focus on tools aiding exegesis, especially quick and accurate searching. Includes fun activities like the BibleWorks radio show!

Advanced (1 pm to 4 pm)

Review your intermediate BibleWorks knowledge and then learn what all those other buttons do, including the Advanced Graphical Search Engine. Presenter will include time for questions and remain for more, so come prepared!

Each seminar includes a brief philosophy of technology, the opportunity to install a simple electronic filing system, and as much personal consultation as possible.


  • $30 for each three-hour seminar; $45 for any two.
  • Student Price: $15 for each three-hour seminar.
  • (Free for Heritage pastors; $10 each for Heritage members).

Pay here or reserve a spot here.

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