BJU Chapel Speaker Makes the New York Times

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We have arrived, it seems, at a moment in our history when the most vigorous and coherent counterculture around is the one constructed by conservative Christians.

It is conservative Christians… who, more self-consciously than any other large social group, buck mainstream notions of what constitutes a fulfilled life.

[From A Mighty Fortress]

So says the New York Times in an often sneering, sometimes wistful, and quite lengthy 2000 article. And the article’s main attraction is the large home-schooling family headed by BJU’s Thursday chapel speaker, Steve Scheibner.

I feel sad for reporter Margaret Talbot, who couldn’t help mocking the Scheibner’s retreat from pop culture—and couldn’t help admiring it.

This is an instance where the Times liberal bias rides right on the surface. And that makes the reporter’s attraction to the Scheibners even more fascinating.

I look forward to hearing Pastor Scheibner, now a church-planter in Maine, in chapel tomorrow.

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  1. Dustin Battles

    His sermon was a blessing, an encouragement, and a challenge.