Gaffin Quoting Ridderbos on the History of Pauline Theology

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A clever comment by Herman Ridderbos, quoted in Richard Gaffin’s By Faith, Not By Sight, a book I bought in Libronix, transferred easily to my Kindle, and am reading currently:

Herman Ridderbos has observed, taking in the history of interpretation of Paul in its entirety, that Paul’s own account of the course of his ministry in 2 Corinthians 11:23–26 provides an apt description of that history, “beaten times without number, often in danger of death … shipwrecked three times … in danger from my nation, in danger from the Gentiles … in danger among false brothers!” (p.10)

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  1. Andy A

    Do you mind sharing how you transferred a Libronix book to your Kindle, or have you posted on that elsewhere and I missed it?

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      I maximize it on my 22-inch monitor, shrink it down to the lowest size (50%), and copy two chapters or so at a time into a Word document. It’s a bit laborious, but a five-minute process gives me a book I can read anywhere on a screen that doesn’t tire my eyes out. Even the footnotes transfer, which is really cool compared to other Kindle books I’ve read.