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by Jun 4, 2009Tech

A responsible adult with a good head on his shoulders and a year in twitterverse under his belt offers “Ten Reasons Why I Use Twitter.” Here’s one:

3. Information. Twitter offers a wealth of incredible information. If I want to find out about a topic of interest, I enter the topic in the search and I receive more information from fellow tweeters than I could ever use. Most of the tweets have great links that guide me to even more information.

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Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Updated 03/03/2021 Several friends have asked, so here’s a tour of my home video studio—which I set up for the second season of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and for my own YouTube channel: Updated shot of my studio (3/3/21): And this...

Future.Bible Conference

Future.Bible Conference

In one week I'll be "speaking" "at" a "conference" on the future of the Bible that is all online—actually, I recorded the video today and am now uploading it. My talk was really fun to put together, and I gave it this title: "Anything Invented After You're Thirty-Five...

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