Get a Free ESV for your iPod Touch

by Mar 4, 2009Tech

If you have an iPod Touch, you can now get the ESV on it for free by following these steps:

1. Set up a Kindle account.

2. “Buy” the ESV for $0.00 (thanks, Crossway!).

3. Get the Kindle app in the iTunes store (thanks, Amazon!).

4. Read away! You can sync your bookmarks easily between your Kindle and your Touch, or you can just enjoy the buying power of Kindle on an even more convenient device.

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Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Updated 03/03/2021 Several friends have asked, so here’s a tour of my home video studio—which I set up for the second season of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and for my own YouTube channel: Updated shot of my studio (3/3/21): And this...

Future.Bible Conference

Future.Bible Conference

In one week I'll be "speaking" "at" a "conference" on the future of the Bible that is all online—actually, I recorded the video today and am now uploading it. My talk was really fun to put together, and I gave it this title: "Anything Invented After You're Thirty-Five...

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