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I bought a Kindle 2.

I’ve been planning and saving my book budget for several months, because I suspected that a new Kindle was in the works. To supplement that plan I sold a monitor I no longer needed. I also, of course, discussed it with my wife, and she’s actually excited!

Is this gadget lust? I hope not. I take the 10th commandment seriously. But ever since the eInk technology was released, I saw its value for reading the hundreds of books on my hard drive and on the Internet which I am unlikely to wade through while staring at an LCD screen. My eyes simply get too tired.

I’m not likely to be buying Kindle books except in a pinch; I simply want to read the many wonderful Warfield volumes I’ve got in Logos, the many lengthy articles I’ve got saved, and anything else I can put on the svelte thing! I plan to set up a Word macro which will take any document I have and put it in Kindle format.

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  1. chadman

    Be sure to write a review once you use it for a little while. Not only the techy stuff, but more interested in how it has changed you so to speak (your reading/study habits, quality of life in not being chained to the computer so much, addictiveness, etc.).



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