Pauline Theology

by Jan 26, 2009Humor

A new feminist wave has hit theological scholarship. It’s called “Pauline Theology.”

Scholars who hold this view are especially incensed at Paul’s discrimination against women. Women can’t be pastors; they can’t even speak in church. And it’s all Paul’s fault.

So it appears these scholars have chosen an anti-Paul, a fictitious female church leader of the first century whom they have named “Pauline.”

Apparently the “Priscilla Papers” weren’t enough for these hyper-egalitarians, these Pauline theologianettes who believe that all men are created equal, but women are more equal than that.

Now I freely admit that my wife is more equal than me. She’s just flat a better person. But do we have to make a whole theology out of this truth?

What will they come up with next?

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