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One of the best blogs I read is GetReligion. They give me a bit too much good material, but I do try to at least scan most of it. Their aim is to cover coverage of religion in the mainstream media (MSM, they call it). Incisive stuff.

Last night’s post on the presidential debate contained an interesting Freudian typo. Check it out:

The big issue in tonight’s debate was the economy yet again (with foreign policy as the side dish). The closest the candidates came to discussing issues of morality or faith was both candidates’ criticism of Wall Street for corporate excess and greed and McCain’s frequent calls for faith in the American people.

The transcript includes none of the following words: God, faith, pray(er), church, Islam, or Christ(inanity).

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I’d have to say that’s just what we usually get from politicians: platitudinous Christ inanity. Christ was a great philosopher, but not the only way to God.

A bit of a stretch, ok, but words grab me.

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