Ok, Ok… I’m a Bit Excited, Too

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I’m looking forward to the release of the ESV Study Bible.
I’m wondering only why a study Bible needs articles on the following issues:

Roman Catholicism (Gregg R. Allison)
Eastern Orthodoxy (Robert Letham)
Liberal Protestantism (Bruce A. Ware)
Evangelical Protestantism (Bruce A. Ware)
Evangelical Protestantism and Global Christianity (Harold A. Netland)
The Bible and Contemporary Judaism (Marvin R. Wilson)
The Bible and Other World Religions (Harold A. Netland)
The Bible and Islam (Timothy C. Tennent)
The Bible and Religious Cults (Ron Rhodes)

I’d be interested in hearing the rationale for including these. I imagine there will be some very good material, but shouldn’t a study Bible should focus on interpreting the text? Just a quibble.
Here‘s the complete list of articles.

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