Hebrew Helps (Especially for BJU Seminary Students)

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My friend Josh Young, a fellow Mount Calvary member and BJ Seminary student, recently sent me a set of helps for learning the vocabulary list required here in our Hebrew program. I was never a flash-card guy myself, but you may be. If you are, he’s done some great work for you! Here are his descriptions of what is included in the zip file which you can get by clicking Hebrew Helps 2.2.zip:

  • A 44-page PDF document that can be printed on cardstock at Bellis for just a little over 8 dollars. It contains all the Hebrew words from 1st and 2nd year Hebrew with the Hebrew handbook definitions on the back. The frequency field on the card is the only quirk. It has nothing to do with frequency; it’s actually the Hebrew handbook number. For about 5 extra bucks they can cut most of the cards out for you, but due to the limitations of the cutter you will still have to make the last 132 cuts yourself. This may still be preferred over the 792 cuts it will take to do by hand.
  • An excel based review program for these words. (Note macros will need to be enabled for it to work correctly.)
  • An aleph-beth-cally ordered Hebrew glossary with the 1st and 2nd year Hebrew vocab.
  • For clarity’s sake, most printing instructions are part of the embarrassingly long file names.
  • Printing a test sheet would be recommended. The card should have English on one side and Hebrew on the other, but they need to be flipped vertically (at the top/bottom) and not horizontally or the definitions will be wrong.

Two More Hebrew Links

Josh also recommended a small Hebrew site set up by one of the most brilliant fellow students I’ve ever had. In fact, this student was in first-year Hebrew with me years ago.

And one more thing! Make sure to check out what my friend and co-worker Bryan Smith produced (along with his friend, Phil Brown), Zondervan’s “A Reader’s Hebrew Bible.”

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