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When I’m in Windows I use AutoHotkey to perform several common macros. It’s very cool. Try it! After you install, go down to your system tray and right click on the AutoHotkey icon. Choose “Edit Script.” Place these scripts in your file, and make sure to click the icon again (after saving the file) and “Reload Script.” If you make any cool scripts I’d love to have them. I admit that I’ve tried and failed to make a script that will type my username, tab, my password, and return for getting past the Novell Border Manager at work. I can do that in OSX just fine with Spark.

;Type “=d” and this script sends the date (07/19/2008). I use it mainly for dating BibleWorks notes.
SetKeyDelay 0
Send %OutputVar%

;This script sends a long line of hyphens if I type “]d”—I use it mainly for BibleWorks notes.
SetKeyDelay 0
Send ———————————————————————

;This is for making an em dash via Alt+-.
SetKeyDelay 0
Send —

;This sends a degree° symbol via Alt+0.
SetKeyDelay 0
Send °

;This causes Windows+Esc to send Alt+F4. A lot easier on your fingers. This is a good one.
#Esc::Send {Alt Down}{F4}{Alt Up}

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  1. bolinpath

    Is there an advantage of using Spark over Quicksilver Triggers?

    Are they totally different?

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    There are two advantages: 1. Quicksilver is not 100% stable. It does quit on me sometimes; Spark never does. 2. Quicksilver cannot, to my knowledge, record a string of keystrokes like Spark. Perhaps there is a plugin which can do this, but I am not aware of it.