Bible Faculty Leadership Summit

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This week I’m going to be at the Bible Faculty Leadership Summit—held right here at Bob Jones Seminary! In fact, I’m sitting right now inside the main Seminary lecture room with about 40 men from various fundamentalist schools.

We’re in for some good papers. The major theme is fundamentalism and scholarship, judging by paper titles. I’m hearing right now from Mark Sidwell, and Kevin Bauder (with a response by George Coon) and a few others will hold forth on that topic as well. Fellow bloggers Michael Riley and Rod Decker will address, respectively, 1) apologetics and canon and 2) the use of the OT in the introduction to Mark. We might also hear one of my favorite professors, Dr. Robert Bell, on “OTTs for Teaching and Preaching.”

Like all the BFLS papers going back many years, these papers will be publicly available at BJU’s Fundamentalism File (where I worked for five years under Mark Sidwell) in a matter of days or weeks, so I’m not really telling you any secrets.

I am excited about an opportunity I myself have to give Logos and BibleWorks presentations tonight and tomorrow, though it’s quite possible that nobody will show up! I hope some students show up, however, because I’m offering major discounts to those who do. Wish you were here!

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