How to Get Married

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For real marriage advice, click here.

For a silly throwaway post I wrote to get free software, keep reading:

I’m two things, but for years my computer could only be one.

I’m a biblical scholar in training, so I have needed my computer to run the expensive and powerful Windows software (BibleWorks, Logos) that I rely on for my studies and work.

I’m also a graphic designer who never can seem to say no when asked to design a T-shirt or a friend’s wedding invitation… For this work I needed the computer and OS most designers prefer, Mac!

For years I had to content myself with clunkiness because school and work won out over design. Also, I was single. Girls did not like me.

But with Parallels (and Spaces in Leopard!) on my perfect little Macbook, I switch completely seamlessly and with no hiccups between OSX and Windows. I can even drag a file from OSX and drop it on my Windows desktop or in a Windows application! I copy text back and forth between OSes all day. I barely have to think about the transition.

Now my divided psyche is one. And I’m engaged to be married in May!

Thank you, Parallels!

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  1. charles denverson

    This would work for me if I had a Mac computer

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      It’s always been a bit sad and poignant to me that this is one of my most popular posts ever!

      If you really want good advice on how to get married, I recommend the book I read, Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris.