Latitude and Longitude, Google Earth/Maps, and Bible Geography

by Mar 1, 2008Uncategorized

I just went on a little adventure with latitude and longitude. I had a bunch of coordinates in full form for the BJU Press Bible Truths D Teacher’s Edition:

33º 40′ 44.98″ N 30′ 24′ 58.61″ E

But neither Google Earth nor Google Maps reads these full form coordinates, and I didn’t realize it. You have to take out the degree º, minute ‘, and second ” symbols.

In the process of realizing that, I ran across a way to convert the long form to decimal form:

33.679161 N 30.416281 E

Exciting, I know. Well, I used a little find and replace wizardry, and here are the coordinates for assorted bodies of water and mountains in the Bible:

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