Dear Mom(s),

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Dear Mom, and Dear Mother-in-Law,

Thank you for continuing to check my blog for new posts. Maybe some day you will be rewarded, and maybe some day my readership will expand beyond you two, giving me greater motivation to write. I have begun writing already at my new job. Here’s my first big post. Many more to follow. I’m even gonna be on “TV” at Faithlife Today.

In any case, I really like my new workplace and my family loves our new digs in the stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest. We hope to close on a house halfway between work and church at the end of the month (don’t worry, we got them way down from their asking price). Aden is starting school now, Merrill is playing on the playground behind our house, and Ellery is growing new teeth. Laura is happily shopping for furniture on Craigslist to replace things our dear, generous friends sold for us in SC when we found they didn’t fit on the moving truck! We miss friends and family in SC, but we are enjoying our new adventure. Until the rainy season comes. Then we will probably come back. We’ll see.

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Mark Jr.

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  1. Don Johnson

    Well, as to the rain… I used to dread the rain also, but I read someone from around here who said once, “rain is what we get, so I decided to like it.” I made up my mind to do the same. (Although I could do with less trees and mountains… prairie boy…) So embrace your inner rain-child and you will find the winter much more enjoyable.

    Of course it helps that over here on the Island, we get half the rain the mainland gets…

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  2. David McKay

    Morning son!

  3. John Morgan

    Congrats, Mark! The PNW is stunningly beautiful, especially the San Juan Islands just a ferry ride away from you. There is a cute cafe on Orcas Island called Doe Bay Cafe that is located in a peaceful and serene spot on the island. Blessings to you and your family as you transition into this new phase of your journey!

    • Mark Ward

      Thanks, John! Have you spent some time up here, then?

  4. lightlings

    Mark, I lived in Seattle, specifically in Capitol Hill, for a little less than two years. I moved from Seattle in April 2014. During my time in Seattle I explored Seattle, state of Washington, and Portland on my weekends. A couple of my explorations took me to the San Juan Islands. Aaron Collier is pastoring in a suburb just north of Seattle at Heritage Bible Church, by the way. Enjoy the PNW! I look forward to reading your blog posts posted here and on Logos.