New Experience with the ESV Reader’s Bible

by Jul 28, 2014Bible Typography

Neat comments on the ESV Reader’s Bible:

When I saw that Crossway had published the ESV Reader’s Bible, I must say I was a bit skeptical. “Ahhh, yes,” I thought to myself, “another way to get us ESV affectionados to purchase yet another ESV related product … clever work, Crossway!” But something about the product description and preview kept nagging at me. Add to that, Westminster Bookstore’s competitive price of this handsome cloth-over-board volume and I could no longer resist ordering myself a copy ($14.99 + S&H).


I am floored that something so simple could bring such a change in my Bible reading. No verses. No section headings. Just the biblical text. I was sure it was just a gimmick, but I have been amazed at how differently I read God’s word in this edition.

I’m not new to this experience, and yet I still feel a newness every time I pick up my ESVRB.

HT: Ryan Shanahan

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