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Just discovered in a WordPress plugin the most popular words on my blog. I’m not sure if I’m proud of this list or not. Jesus ought to be higher…


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A Major Family Adventure

A Major Family Adventure

We visited grandparents and great grandparents and a rarely-seen uncle in Ohio over Christmas and New Years. Our Saturday-afternoon flight from Cleveland to Denver (departure scheduled for 4:37 pm) was delayed for four hours by a mechanical fault. We had to deplane...

How to Read More Books in 2020

How to Read More Books in 2020

I was asked by a friend to write this. Thirty minutes later, here it was: Watch less TV. Don't let it be your default evening activity. Love higher and better things.Don’t let social media be your default activity either. I periodically delete my Facebook app, and on...

Christian Leaders Trip with Canyon Ministries

Christian Leaders Trip with Canyon Ministries

I just got back from a seven-day trip down two thirds of the Grand Canyon with Canyon Ministries, William D. Barrick, Terry Mortenson, and (especially) knowledgeable Cedarville University geologist John Whitmore. I gained a much deeper understanding of the geology of...

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  1. jdsteinbach

    Which plugin is that?

  2. Duncan Johnson

    Because we all know that, like, word counts like prove everything about, like, what one believes. Like, totally.

    I like how the chart gave you a title for this post though. And how the fifth most common word is like so totally useful in commenting. 🙂