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BJU Press has made many of its titles available in Logos Bible software, and there are a number of pre-pub collections gathering interest now:

  • The Christian Living collection puts together a number of the booklets the Seminary has been putting out on various issues, along with Layton Talbert’s Not By Chance.
  • The Pete Steveson commentary collection offers his volumes on Daniel, Isaiah, Proverbs, Psalms, and Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther. When I’ve used his Proverbs volume I’ve generally found it helpful. Same goes for his comments on Esther. Can’t speak to the others.
  • The BJU Press Preaching Collection includes Dr. Bell’s OTT and Jose Linares’ dissertation on preaching OT narrative. I’m going through the former and I’ve glanced at the footnotes and TOC in the latter. It looked like he knew what he was talking about!
  • The BJU Press Catch-All Collection makes for some odd pairings, but Talbert’s book on Job is in there, as well as Brown on Ezra.
  • The Other BJU Press Catch-All Collection makes for some more odd pairings; I’m not sure what Matt Hoskinson’s dissertation on assurance has to do with Fred Moritz on separation. Maybe I’m missing something.

(I’m told that BJU Press did not come up with these collections; Logos did.)

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