Law and Grace in Preaching

by Feb 15, 2012Preaching

A friend of mine, an excellent preacher (his name rhymes with “come ‘n’ see us”), sent me this article on application in preaching by Michael Horton.

If you preach or teach the Bible at all, it’s worth a quick read. The issues he raises, it seems to this preacher, need to stay at or near the forefront of our minds every time we prepare a sermon, especially in our formative years.

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Review: Small Preaching by Jonathan Pennington

Review: Small Preaching by Jonathan Pennington

Small Preaching: 25 Little Things You Can Do Now to Become a Better Preacher, by Jonathan Pennington (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021). Very few pp.Great little title. Punchy and short. Genuinely full of wisdom. The three things that stood out to me most: The very...

Where Should I Train for Ministry?

Where Should I Train for Ministry?

I just posted the following in a Facebook group composed largely by pastors who graduated from KJV-Only institutions. One asked which schools group members would recommend for a youth pastor. I jotted out some thoughts I’ve been wanting to send to the KJV-Only...

Psalm 2 at Christmas

I was given the privilege of preaching briefly this morning at my church after our annual Christmas program, and I chose what might seem an odd passage for Christmas: Psalm 2. During the time of year at which we are celebrating what is in one sense the beginning of...

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