International Microsoft OneNote Appreciation Month is This Month, from April 2 to April 13th!

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There once was a big dissertation
Filled with fact after asseveration.
But the skull of the writer
Was getting much tighter:
No outlets for his cogitation!


Oh, OneNote, perfect system of filing!
Your skills are oh so beguiling!
I end all my study sessions smiling!
All of my thoughts and arguments you are stockpiling!


OneNote, OneNote, the only program for me!
Microsoft hit a home run—yes, finally!
You search all my tittles and jots!
You save all my screenshots!
You OCR even small dots!
How you do it I wot not!
OneNote, OneNote, the only program for me!*

*BibleWorks, if you read this, please remember to take it in context. You are good at filing notes, too. Very good. It is only a song.

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