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I just received the following announcement from the BJU Campus Store, and I’m passing it on to BJU students as an FYI. (I used to run this program at BJU; you can now direct all inquiries to Joseph Markey as stated below.)

If your school has 10 or more people interested in BibleWorks, you, too, can save $100 on it. Contact BibleWorks here.

Special Savings on BibleWorks

The Campus Store is offering a special price on BibleWorks to qualified individuals through the BibleWorks Institutional Promotion Program (IPP).  For a limited time you can place an order to receive BibleWorks on DVD for $250 plus tax and/or shipping if applicable (regular price is $349).  Please note that BibleWorks is a Windows program and does not natively support Macintosh (please see this Bibleworks site for more information).

This special promotion is available only to Students, Faculty/Staff and Alumni of Bob Jones University and is limited to one item per qualified individual.  The deadline to qualify for this special promotion is November 13, 2009.  Orders will not be accepted after that time.  Please note that this group discount only applies to groups of 10 or more and will not be available if less than 10 individuals order.

Ordering Instructions: All order must include your name, e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address. Please e-mail your ordering information to Joseph Markey (jmarkey) and reference BibleWorks in the subject of your e-mail.  BibleWorks is also available on CD if needed for your computer.  The price for the CD version is $255.  Please specify in your order if you need the CD version instead of the DVD.

All IPP orders will be available at the Campus Store approximately 2-3 weeks after the November 13, 2009 deadline.  You will be notified by e-mail when your copy arrives.

To learn more about BibleWorks, come to my seminar at Heritage Bible Church, Saturday, Nov. 7.

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