Free, Easy, Safe, Cool, Nice, Fun, Good, Bird-Themed Online Backup

by Aug 27, 2009Tech4 comments

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Do you need free, safe on-line backup for a few key folders?

Do you need to synchronize folders between two computers?

Try something I’ve been using for several months now and have liked very much: SugarSync. Sign up with my referral link and we’ll both benefit with extra space.

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  1. Luke Seelenbinder

    Have you tried Dropbox? It is very similar to SugarSync, but seems to have more of a following (I’d never heard of SugarSync), so you have more people with whom you have the opportunity to share files. Just my $0.02.

    One feedback item, it’d be great if you could setup FriendConnect to integrate with the comments box. (save the time of typing in info)

    Love the blog. Keep it up.

    Luke S.

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      That’s a great idea, Luke—integrating Friend Connect with the comments. I will look into it (and I’m happy for any advice you have).

      I do use DropBox. It’s very nice. It’s faster than SugarSync and a bit smoother in the GUI department, but it won’t sync existing folders. I know there’s a hack to change that, but it looked like something I didn’t want to get into!


  2. Duncan

    FWIW, I’ve been happily using SugarSync as well ever since Mark invited me a few months ago. I like how it syncs existing folders seamlessly and openly.

  3. Duncan

    SugarSync has been having trouble this week. It seems like it’s constantly down for maintenance, and when it’s been “up” it has taken hours to not upload some of the “bigger” files I keep up there… by “big” I’m talking a mere 1 MB.

    I jumped ship to Dropbox. It’s faster and doesn’t seem to suffer as many difficulties and angry customers as SS. I no longer recommend SugarSync. If anyone wants to sign up for Dropbox and get a little extra free storage space, feel free to use this referral link from me:

    You’ll get an extra 250 MB for free, and so will I.