Why Women Don’t Play Football

by Feb 2, 2009Humor

I do enjoy a good football game, though in order to have more time to lay up treasures in heaven I catch only about two a year.

I caught most of yesterday’s SuperBowl, however, and it was a thrilling game.

The best moment came when my wife said, “Wow! That guy is 6 foot 4, 284 pounds!? That’s why no women play football; they wouldn’t want their weight broadcast on national television!”

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When I’m Having a Bad Day

When I’m having a bad day, I just read my blog comment spam. Here’s a sample from an actual comment a spammer calling himself “Forrest Enget” tried to leave on my site just a few minutes ago: This is the very first time I frequented your website page and so far? I...

Another Bibles International Story

Some Bibles International consultants have used an interview format to help teach certain skills to native translators. One team of national believers prepares a set of interview questions for a particular Bible character and another prepares to be interviewed as that...

How to Pronounce “Logos” in “Logos Bible Software”

How do you pronounce "Logos" in "Logos Bible Software"? Are the O's long or short? Should it be LAH-GAHS or LOW-GOESS? Or maybe both? LAH-GOES? LOH-GAHS? I have the answer. It's "LAH-GAHS." Both O's are short. There. Debate over. Make this post a Wikipedia footnote,...

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