Joy, Part 3

by Jan 21, 2009Dissertation

An addendum to the previous post.

Try out the common definition of joy as non-emotional action on your wife:

“Honey, I rejoice in you by taking out the trash and mowing the lawn, despite what you are actually like! My joy in our marriage exists independent of any qualities inherent in you; I give my joy freely as a gift to one who is not worthy of it! And my joy is not an emotion, so you can count on its constancy! Honey…? Honey!? Where are you going!!”

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Paul’s Positive Religious Affections

Paul’s Positive Religious Affections

Someone recently asked me for an abstract of my dissertation, Paul’s Positive Religious Affections, and I realized I’d never written one up. Here goes. Six times in the NT the Spirit of the Lord led Paul to tell his readers to imitate him (2 Thess 3:7; 1 Cor 4:16;...

Great Hodge Quote

Regeneration secures right knowledge as well as right feeling; and right feeling is not the effect of right knowledge, nor is right knowledge the effect of right feeling. The two are inseparable effects of a work which affects the whole soul." —Cornelius Van Til...

Blogape vs. C.S. Lewis? Joyfully, No.

My dissertation chapter on joy argues that the article on joy from the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible is mistaken about much of the following. Joy. Positive human condition that can be either feeling or action. The Bible uses joy in both senses. Joy as Feeling. Joy...

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